Individualized Solutions through Comprehensive Consultation and Analysis

Innovative Engineering Services

We pride ourselves on the ability to listen to our clients. There are no one-size solutions in the Innovative Werks arsenal. We take each project as an opportunity to listen for a clear understanding of your needs and then use our experience to conceive the best solution to fit your individual design. Our goal is always to have you perform at peak optimization across all major technologies.

Tell us about your system and let us find your solution.


Innovative Werks provides power system studies to determine whether your system is working to its optimum level of performance. Whether establishing a new connection or experiencing a problem, we can help you reach peak performance.


Innovative Werks knows that proper maintenance is essential to maintain reliability. We offer a comprehensive program that includes testing, maintenance, and solutions to keep your system operating now and in the future. 


Modernize your existing system with Innovative Werks. Our expert engineers use creative solutions to give you the benefits of modern technologies and practices at a fraction of the cost of a new system.  

Instrumentation Calibration

Our principles include a commitment to accuracy, safety, and reliability. Innovative Werks provides the highest quality calibration for your systems, reducing uncertainty an optimizing profitability.  

Individualized solutions

Individualized solutions through comprehensive consultation and analysis are the key to Innovative Werks providing the highest level of service to our customers. We work to increase the efficiency and productivity of your organization with a focus on reliable and consistent service. Innovative Werks uses our 30+ years of experience in engineering and computer science to give you fresh, future forward solutions, putting your company at the forefront of the energy supply industry.