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Power And Energy Management System

Our Power And Energy Management System (PEMS) allows a facility, campus, transit system to monitor their energy usage and control their power distribution system based off of demand/response,  frequency control, or some other factor. We custom our solution to the customer’s needs.

PLC Migration / Replacement

Upgrading your entire control system, or just pieces of it, is a great way to improve
your process and increase your system reliability. Contact Us for more information on how we can help you put together a plan to meet your needs.

Substation Automation

Substation automation involves the digitalization of analog power and energy measurements within a Intelligent Electronic Device (IED) and the secure operation of
breakers. Data and commands are usually encrypted and securely exchanged with a
local or remote SCADA system over DNP3 or 61850 protocol. See how we can help you digitize your substation.

Real-Time Data Management

Whether it is power generation, manufacturing or process control, operational data needs to
securely flow from the equipment to the customers Enterprise Resource Planning
(ERP), PI Historian or Manufacturing Execution System (MES). Learn how Innovative Werks can help you accomplish this goal with in budget.

Power And Energy Management System

Collect energy and power data from Power Relays and Meters and log that data to the cloud or local PI Historian for analysis. Manually operate  breakers as part of a load shed or transfer scheme. Innovative Werks’ Power and Energy Monitoring System is built on top of AVEVA’s  System Platform 2023 R2 platform. This provides the following benefits:

Proven System Scalability allows easy expansion as your application expands.

Remote Alarm Notification allows operators to receive critical alarms via SMS, email,
or voice.

Energy Reports allows easy generation of IEEE energy and power compliant reports.

Cost Allocation module support cost accounting by accurately allocating direct and indirect energy costs to departments / processes.

Billing Module provides configured shadow energy billing report(s) that can be
scheduled per a user-defined interval.

PLC Migration / Replacement

control system migration/replacement

Upgrading your entire control system, or just pieces of it, is a great way to improve your process and increase your system reliability. Contact Us for more information on how we can help you put together a plan to meet your needs.

Existing Controls system modification

Are you in need of additional features for your existing control/SCADA system? Innovative Werks can re-configure your existing control/SCADA system to meet your new objectives. Whether you simply need programming changes, or your project requires additional features our experienced staff can help you fully understand your options.

Substation Automation (SA)

Substation Automation (SA) is a system to enable an electric utility to remotely monitor, control and coordinate the distribution components installed in the substation. Being platform agnostic, Innovative Werks offers secure SCADA solutions tailored to your needs. Contact us to learn how we can help. 

REal-Time DAta Management

Data is everywhere — ever-increasing in quantity and complexity. But there’s a major difference between data, information and actionable insights, and many organizations are losing sight of data’s utility. Innovative Werks experts help you design and deploy an environment that  combines all data from various sources to create a unified hub where data can be securely treated and accessed for enterprise-wide analysis and integration.

Partner with Innovative Werks experts on your unique path toward a modern Edge-to-Cloud
platform for data and analytics.



We have an arsenal of tools at our disposal to build a solution that directly and immediately impacts your bottom line. We examine each system and recommend the specific tools and services needed to achieve the highest level of safety and reliability while remaining focused on budgetary goals. When you are looking for a true collaboration that considers your specific business needs, call the engineers at Innovative Werks.

“By focusing on your specific needs, our solutions have an immediate impact on productivity and efficiency.”


We performed a diesel generator plant controls upgrade quickly and without service interruption.

Power Plant Upgrade

We replaced an outdated plant-wide SCADA system in order to comply with the latest NERC CIP standards.

Power Monitoring Systems

We provide solutions for power monitoring systems for facilities management.