Automation & Controls

Providing Reliable Automation Processes for Peak Performance

Are you ready for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) Revolution?
We are.

Our background in the global energy sector helps us see all the ways in which connection is a valuable asset for companies to realize their full potential. As computer scientists and engineers, we are not only concerned with developing opportunities for innovations in the connection of these networks, but also creating features of security, usability, and potential for off-site monitoring and maintenance.

NERC CIP Standards

As we reach more connectivity within networks for large business, we realize network security for critical infrastructure is a necessity. Innovative Werks uses the latest NERC CIP standards when it comes to designing and securing your control network.  

Software Development

Innovative Werks is leading the way in developing custom Android, Windows 10, and IOS applications that bring real-time process data to your mobile or tablet computer. With our own set of JAVA-based process automation drivers, Innovative Werks is able to develop custom webapp and mobile applications to suit our client’s needs.  

HMI Design

When it’s time to migrate your human-machine interface system, trust Innovative Werks to handle the software design and implementation. We understand the need to apply newer guidelines for safety and efficiency while maintaining an interface that’s comfortable and effective for your team.

Control System Migration

Control system migration is your time to innovate. It’s important to work with someone like Innovative Werks because we won’t push you toward a particular hardware or software but provide the objective perspective for determining the right tools for your facility.

Control System Integration

Innovative Werks helps you select the right components and subsystems for process control systems integration. When your critical control systems, facilities systems, OEM skid controls and power monitoring systems work together to control your facility, monitoring and maintaining your operations becomes easier and more efficient.

Control System Design

Overall, Innovative Werks provides full scope electrical, instrumentation and control design of integrated control systems, including distributed control systems (DCS) and programmable logic controllers (PLCs). As a platform-independent automation solutions provider, we offer expertise in various third-party hardware to find a fit-for-purpose solution for your process and business needs.


Providing reliable automation processes for peak performance is in our company’s DNA. Innovative Werks collaborates with our clients to assess their specific needs, homing in on the processes in which automation and control systems will increase efficiency and reliability of their products and services.