Data Driven Power Solutions for Maximum Efficiency

We understand the importance of Power Management Systems (PMS).

Innovative Werks can help you manage your systems for planned outages and support you with expertise and resources for unplanned power issues.

We ensure your PMS system is properly monitoring the electrical distribution system and providing the necessary data on overall and specific power consumption, power quality, and event alarms.

We provide reliable, comprehensive power management for needs before, during, and after an outage with confidence.


If you’ve already experienced a complete shutdown of your power station or electric grid, you understand the importance of fast, reliable, and expert service.

Innovative Werks has proven experience in providing Black Start solutions to natural gas generating plants and large campus facilities. We have developed a reputation for remaining calm and focused in chaotic situations and are known for using best practices for the quick and efficient restoration of power.


The ability to properly manage energy use and thereby reduce energy costs is an important part of managing a campus or facility. The engineers at Innovate Werks are highly experienced in Load Management, also known as demand-side management (DSM). We have the ability to study your system for opportunities to reduce your energy consumption and possibly increase the life of your machinery.


Electrical power monitoring systems (EPMS) make visible the often-overlooked data and health of electrical distribution systems. Typically EPMS is comprised of meters and software installed on a server. Moreover, they offer physical means of communication between the meters and server.

Electrical power monitoring systems provide:

  • 24/7 analytics behind energy consumption
  • Details on power quality events
  • Data trends for proactive maintenance decisions
  • Insight on how to increase distribution system reliability


Data driven power solutions for maximum efficiency is only one of the ways in which Innovative Werks can service your power management systems. Our extensive knowledge of energy grids, power consumption, and our commitment to sustainability drives us to create the best solutions for the efficient use of power on any campus. Talk to us to create a process that conserves energy and reduces costs.